Skål Chiang Mai’s semi-annual visit to the Mae Mha Orphanage and School to deliver supplies for the kids saw members and friends make the trek up the mountain to the school in Chiang Dao District. The school has 79 children, 38 boys and 41 girls, ages 3-17 but on Sunday January 28 when the club visited there were about 40 children as many went to church.

Gill Dobson, Skål Chiang Mai treasurer, organized the shopping excursion to Makro the day before so that all the dry goods were ready to go. Bright and early on Sunday morning committee members, Skål members and friends met up at Makro to purchase fresh goods including frozen meat, fresh vegetables and fruit, and of course, apples, always a big hit with the kids.

After loading up the truck with our regular driver from Nim See Seng, everyone jumped in vehicles for the drive to Chiang Dao. Students from Chiang Mai North University’s hospitality program under the leadership of Skål Chiang Mai president Tim McGuire joined the group and had a great time playing football (soccer) with the kids at the school.

The kids unloaded the truck before the group arrived and were ready to greet everyone when upon arrival. The head teacher and head master welcomed everyone and then the students performed a few dances. One little girl was clearly in charge of her group performance, making sure everyone was in place and knew their moves to the delight of everyone watching.

The children then headed to their dining room for lunch, ably dished out by the students from North Chiang Mai University. Everyone marveled at how patiently the kids waited for all children to get their food and said thank you before digging into green curry with chicken, fried chicken, pork soup, and, of course, rice. Skål members and friends passed out apples to the kids as they waited; making sure each child got one, the kids don’t have access to exotic fruits like apples so really enjoy the treat.
After lunch everyone headed out to check out any new school improvements and newcomers got the tour. The new dorm buildings still look great and it was good see more books in the library. The school could use more children’s books in Thai and in English.

After the tour, the kids came out to play and enjoyed a lively game of soccer with the visitors. Although no one was keeping score the home team played well and most likely took the title!

This is the first visit this year and the club spent half of the funds raised at the Christmas Gala fundraiser to purchase rice and supplies, 102,000 baht. The next visit will take place in June. An invitation and announcement will be sent when its scheduled so if you want to join the club, keep your eyes peeled for the email!



Compiled by Shana Kongmun

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