Skål International is the largest travel and tourism organization in the world. The exclusive membership is made up of top executives in the tourism industry. Its monthly informal dinner meetings will offer the members a venue for networking and discussion. Most meetings feature a presentation by a notable guest speaker.

Being made up of Travel, Tourism and Transport Professionals, the business advantage of joining Skal is obvious. By attending local meetings, National & International Congresses & other events, members are able to meet industry colleagues from clubs throughout the world and above all to network with their colleagues in the industry. These meetings, held in an "amicale" spirit, give members the chance to make contacts, on both business & personal level, and to forge new and lasting friendships. Skal is non-political and doesn't discriminate on the grounds of sex, age, race or religion.

The club's dinner meetings, usually held on the last Thursday of each month, offer members a venue for networking and discussion. Most meetings feature a presentation by a notable speaker or member of the business community.

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  The Tulou Restaurant
  19 September 2019

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Skål International Chiang Mai September event

Where: The Tulou Restaurant

When: September 19, 2019 @ 6:30pm

Who: Skal networking group

What: A dinner event 600/800b (members/ guests)

Why: Networking with business professionals from around the globe


The Tulou restaurant is a replica of a traditional Chinese condominium style living, by having multiple families live under one roof, and utilize the center for entertainment and a means of bringing everyone together to enjoy.

The Tulou restaurant has prepared a special Skål dinner menu for all of us, and hope you also enjoy exploring the restaurant and viewing all the unique and lavishly decorated private dining rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

The event will include a sit down dinner venue, with the popular lucky draw.

I hope you enjoy us for a evening to remember.



Skål Chiang Mai’s semi-annual visit to the Mae Mha Orphanage and School to deliver supplies for the kids saw members and friends make the trek up the mountain to the school in Chiang Dao District. The school has 79 children, 38 boys and 41 girls, ages 3-17 but on Sunday January 28 when the club visited there were about 40 children as many went to church.


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